Does Sperm Volume Affect Your Sexual Life?


If we talk about sperm volume, we need to be realistic. That’s right. Don’t compare yourself with what they show in porn. It is not real. Remember, it is a movie. Some of its aspects are, in fact, fake.

What you need to know

Lots of men cannot determine the precise amount of their ejaculate. The average volume of men’s ejaculate is 1 teaspoon (or 5 ml) of semen, and it isn’t a significant amount. The sperm volume will be a bit more if you haven’t ejaculated for a long time.

A man’s body is making sperm and keeping it in a constant process. And this will be blended with the liquid that is made by the prostate and seminal vesicles. Other than the ejaculation periodicity, the duration of sexual intercourse, as well as the arousal duration, may also influence the sperm volume. Indeed. The durable the arousal, build-up, and stimulation before the climax, the larger amount of liquid can be made which then blend with sperm. Some guys detected that this rise in the amount of ejaculation with more durable stimulation also makes watery semen. This is because of the ratio between increased fluids to sperm.

If you drink a little water, your sperm volume will be more likely to be lower. Other contributing factors include proper sleep, stress level, ejaculation frequency, and Zinc level in your food. Genetic and age may also play a role. However, those two are beyond your control.

How it affects your life


Sperm volume does affect your sex life. One study found that guys that were not satisfied with their ejaculate volume have weaker psychological as well as relationship health.

Many men identify sex performance and think about ejaculation as a kind of sign of male masculinity. And yes, if their sexual performance is diminished, it can also impact another part of men’s lives as well.

Another way it can affect your sex life is when you try to conceive a child with your partner. A low sperm volume may be the cause of why you find it ‘s hard to get your partner pregnant.

If you have a little amount of sperm, don’t be stressed out. In fact, you don’t have to worry. After all, several reasons of reduced sperm count can be addressed.

What should you do if you are ejaculating less?

This is the reason why when you notice a great decrease reduction in your ejaculation volume; it is best for you to consult with your doctor. He can find out whether you have the ejaculatory disorder.

You may need to do several tests. Diabetes or low testosterone, for instance. Doctor will also look at your medical history to discover that maybe some drugs that you are taking may be a reason for your low sperm count.

Breathing Technique To Last Longer In Bed


Let me teach you another concept. This concept is called breathing. It’s that simple. Just breathing. And let me tell you how breathing is so connected to your ability to last for as long as you want.

Well, breathing is connected to the entire human anatomy. For thousands of years, yogas teach how to breathe right and focus on you in-depth. But I’m not going to get in this article most of the benefits of the breathing, although I would love to discuss it in the future. But for now, just understand that. When you breathe fast, like sometimes, you would imagine you would like to breathe during sex, big no, no. Why? Because breathing fast actually raises your heartbeat, and when your pulse increases, your arousal level will rise as well. For example, when I want to ejaculate and time my ejaculation exactly, I start breathing faster to push my ejaculation to come out faster, but when I want to slow down my arousal, slow down my anatomy, slow down my physiology to lower my arousal level, I just start breathing deep and slow.


Breathing is very simple. Basically, breathing right means that you want to take first air into your stomach, and only then into your chest. Many people in the West breathe into the chest. There’s so much material online on how to breathe right. I urge you to go to Google and search for it. But just understand that when you lower your breathing rate, your arousal level will go down.

Now let me give you a final tip about breathing that I would love it if you use it because I don’t see too many people use it. It is holding your breath on empty lungs. You exhale all the air and hold your breath for as long as you want until you start twitching. That does a particular thing. When you get to this 9th level, and you still want to keep on pumping because your girl is that close to orgasm and you don’t want to pull down, and you don’t want to pull out or slow down, you just hold your breath on empty lungs. This will get your body into a special trauma situation. Now don’t worry. You are not going to die from it, and it is completely harmless, but mainly, when you slow down, you are breathing to a point that you like to hold it with no air inside, your body will say, “OK, I’m in danger. Now I’m not going to send more blood into the penis. I’m not going to like focus on sexual arousal right now, on sex. I’m going to focus on survival.”

Survival, when you have no air, basically means “I’m going to push more blood into the brain and the heart and to the organs”.

If these techniques do not work for you, you should try some natural methods to stop premature ejaculation. We want to present you TOP 3 premature ejaculation supplement, that will help you to control your sexual arousal and ejaculation. Prosolution Plus, Duramale and Delay are herbal solution for men with high sensitivity. No matter what cause your PE, these formulas will work for you. It will not change your sexual life permanently, but it is a helpful way to stay longer in bed. There’s even a herbal spray, that works instantly. Read more on

How to tighten breasts naturally?

All girls who read these article should understand that the adjustment of sagging breasts is a set of measures. It is not only 1 or 2 exercises, or using a breast cream. There is no magic pill. Let’s look at the basic and most effective ways to deal with sagging breasts.

Supportive bra


Did you know that 85% of women wear the wrong size/type bra? It has an extremely negative impact on the breast, its shape and degree of sagging. Not many girls are aware that the main criterion for choosing the ideal bra is when the nipple is situated between the shoulder and elbow. Bra has to be comfortable, and the straps should go straight through the center of the back and not to starve you. When you wear a supportive bra, your chest muscles will not feel tense, and it can help to save its shape.

If you are an active woman, go to the gym, if you sometimes run and like to jump at home, then in this case you should always have a sports version of the bra or tight top.


You must also keep in mind that you should wear the bra constantly and everywhere. The idea is that when you wear bras, the muscle tissue that supports the breast, can not develop. In addition, the Cooper’s ligaments inside the breast may atrophy from disuse, and as a result breast can revolt. This applies to all women, even to those who have very large boobs.

Conclusion: The proper support bra is necessary for any woman, but you should remember some rules. Take it at night, when you are at home while resting.

The correct position during breastfeeding

As a preventive measure, you should revise the position of the breastfeeding. It is better when the mom is sitting on a chair or couch, and the child can sit up in her hands. Baby should suck it from the side. not from the bottom. This will decrease the chances of breast sagging.


Correcting posture

Poor posture is one of the most overlooked causes of sagging breasts. By lowering your shoulders, you do not give any support to your breast, and she hangs freely, entirely at the mercy of gravitational forces. Therefore, you should always watch your posture and perform special exercises to improve it.

How Do Male Enhancement Oils and Creams Work?

It’s natural that men have a big obsession for having bigger penis size. Almost all men think the penis size is very important. To enlarge your penis, you can use various ways. You can try to use male enhancement oils and creams. How do they work? This article will answer this question.

What are male enhancement oils and creams?


These products are basically the other enhancement methods that will give you improved sexual strength and stamina. You can simply apply these oils and creams to your penis. You can slowly massage these products on your skin, and their ingredients will penetrate through the skin. You can use this product regularly to see the best result.

How do they work?

Just like I’ve mentioned before, these creams will work directly to your skin. You need to know the ingredients in your penis enhancement cream. There are some common ingredients such as Epimedium Sagittatum, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Catuaba Bark Extract, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Asian Red Ginseng, Vitamin E and other necessary Vitamins and Minerals. These creams basically use the benefit of natural ingredients which can improve the penis size.

The other popular methods


There are also other methods to enhance your penis size. If you want to increase your penis size, naturally you can choose the weight loss.This method is very effective in increasing penis size. By losing your weight, the hidden shaft which is previously buried beneath the belly fat will be revealed. The weight loss doesn’t increase your penis size, but it will make your penis look longer. You can do some regular sports or do exercise at the gym.

You can also take the instant way like doing surgery. You can do liposuction of the fat pad around your penis. But, you need to change your diet and maintain the healthy lifestyle in to keep your bigger penis size.


You can also try to use the newer method which is called penis enlargement patch. Penis enlargement patch basically uses the principle of dermal patch technology. This technology allows us to deliver drugs through the skin without using the needle. Dermal patch technology is commonly used to cure many different diseases, including the penis size issue. This method is so effective and efficient because it can deliver the medication directly to the body, and it bypasses the digestive system. It will obviously increase the delivery proses in your body.

Enlarge Your Penis Naturally With Penis Extender


The penis extender is a device for penis enlargement. You can increase the length and the girth of your penis with this device. Unlike penis enlargement surgery, that is very expensive, the penis extender is a simple device that stretches your penis and allows you to observe and control the process of penis enlargement.

Unlike the use of potentially dangerous pills and creams for penis enlargement, the use of penis extender does not entail an undesired bending of the penis. Almost all parts of penis extender are made from hypoallergenic medical materials.

Unlike the vacuum penis pump, penis extender provides permanent documented clinical results of increasing the length and thickness of the penis after just a few months of regular use.

The advantage of the penis extender is that it uses the natural potential of the human body to change and develop itself under physical influence. If some part of the body is exposed to constant stretching, the cells in this area begin to divide very easily, and their number increases, thus increasing the tissue mass. Different people used this principle to increase the different parts of the face and body for centuries.

The extender consists of a plastic ring, which is connected with two movable metal rods. On the ends of metal rods is a plastic cradle with silicone nose that fix the position of the penis head. The penis extender can be increased by 10 centimeters in length with additional rods. You will need this later when the size of you penis is increased.


Before you put the extender on your penis, you should adjust its length with additional rods.The plastic cradle should be slightly longer than the head of the penis.

How to wear penis extender

Loose the silicone strap. Put the extender on your penis. Before you fix the silicone tube on the head, slide the plastic cradle to the head of the penis. Now fasten the head by tightening the silicone strap. The ends of the silicone strap are fixed on the back of the cradle, to prevent them from slipping.

Use the screws to adjust the penis extender to the desired length and the degree of tension. Make sure you remove them at the same time on both sides.

To remove penis extender, simply loose a silicone strap and remove the device. There is no need to disassemble the penis extender each time between use. After using the penis extender, must be cleaned.

You should wear the penis extender no more than one hour per day in first weeks. Later, when cell division begins, the extender can be worn up to 12 hours a day.