Breathing Technique To Last Longer In Bed


Let me teach you another concept. This concept is called breathing. It’s that simple. Just breathing. And let me tell you how breathing is so connected to your ability to last for as long as you want.

Well, breathing is connected to the entire human anatomy. For thousands of years, yogas teach how to breathe right and focus on you in-depth. But I’m not going to get in this article most of the benefits of the breathing, although I would love to discuss it in the future. But for now, just understand that. When you breathe fast, like sometimes, you would imagine you would like to breathe during sex, big no, no. Why? Because breathing fast actually raises your heartbeat, and when your pulse increases, your arousal level will rise as well. For example, when I want to ejaculate and time my ejaculation exactly, I start breathing faster to push my ejaculation to come out faster, but when I want to slow down my arousal, slow down my anatomy, slow down my physiology to lower my arousal level, I just start breathing deep and slow.


Breathing is very simple. Basically, breathing right means that you want to take first air into your stomach, and only then into your chest. Many people in the West breathe into the chest. There’s so much material online on how to breathe right. I urge you to go to Google and search for it. But just understand that when you lower your breathing rate, your arousal level will go down.

Now let me give you a final tip about breathing that I would love it if you use it because I don’t see too many people use it. It is holding your breath on empty lungs. You exhale all the air and hold your breath for as long as you want until you start twitching. That does a particular thing. When you get to this 9th level, and you still want to keep on pumping because your girl is that close to orgasm and you don’t want to pull down, and you don’t want to pull out or slow down, you just hold your breath on empty lungs. This will get your body into a special trauma situation. Now don’t worry. You are not going to die from it, and it is completely harmless, but mainly, when you slow down, you are breathing to a point that you like to hold it with no air inside, your body will say, “OK, I’m in danger. Now I’m not going to send more blood into the penis. I’m not going to like focus on sexual arousal right now, on sex. I’m going to focus on survival.”

Survival, when you have no air, basically means “I’m going to push more blood into the brain and the heart and to the organs”.

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