Enlarge Your Penis Naturally With Penis Extender


The penis extender is a device for penis enlargement. You can increase the length and the girth of your penis with this device. Unlike penis enlargement surgery, that is very expensive, the penis extender is a simple device that stretches your penis and allows you to observe and control the process of penis enlargement.

Unlike the use of potentially dangerous pills and creams for penis enlargement, the use of penis extender does not entail an undesired bending of the penis. Almost all parts of penis extender are made from hypoallergenic medical materials.

Unlike the vacuum penis pump, penis extender provides permanent documented clinical results of increasing the length and thickness of the penis after just a few months of regular use.

The advantage of the penis extender is that it uses the natural potential of the human body to change and develop itself under physical influence. If some part of the body is exposed to constant stretching, the cells in this area begin to divide very easily, and their number increases, thus increasing the tissue mass. Different people used this principle to increase the different parts of the face and body for centuries.

The extender consists of a plastic ring, which is connected with two movable metal rods. On the ends of metal rods is a plastic cradle with silicone nose that fix the position of the penis head. The penis extender can be increased by 10 centimeters in length with additional rods. You will need this later when the size of you penis is increased.


Before you put the extender on your penis, you should adjust its length with additional rods.The plastic cradle should be slightly longer than the head of the penis.

How to wear penis extender

Loose the silicone strap. Put the extender on your penis. Before you fix the silicone tube on the head, slide the plastic cradle to the head of the penis. Now fasten the head by tightening the silicone strap. The ends of the silicone strap are fixed on the back of the cradle, to prevent them from slipping.

Use the screws to adjust the penis extender to the desired length and the degree of tension. Make sure you remove them at the same time on both sides.

To remove penis extender, simply loose a silicone strap and remove the device. There is no need to disassemble the penis extender each time between use. After using the penis extender, must be cleaned.

You should wear the penis extender no more than one hour per day in first weeks. Later, when cell division begins, the extender can be worn up to 12 hours a day.